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Full Version: CQ VHF Contest 1st Day Report
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Well today was a mixed result day. Good things happened not so good things happened.

First the good. 6 Meters open late in the day. Just after 0000 UTC the band opened. It may have opened earlier but I may have missed some of it because of of a technical problem.

First of all I'm up to 47 QSOs and 24 grids worked, 21 of them on 6 meters. The best contact was in W0ETT in DM79, that's Douglas County, Colorado, maybe a new state and a new 6 meter county for me. Nice opening and I CQed up band and got a lot of good reports. I hope that the bands are good tomorrow. I think the solar flare and solar storm are helping , At 10:15 local time we are having mid class C flare now. Too bad this did not happen earlier it may have brought California in.

The not so good thing is another MD-100 Microphone died. I was wondering why I was calling the locals and no one could hear me. I looked at the meter and there was no RF going out. After checking the cord, and other checks I determined that the base which has the amplifier in it failed. I don't know if it is the board or what even though I run it "thru" with no voice tailoring. This is the second MD-100 that failed on me. It's not like I knock them around they sit on the bench and I just pick them up when I need them for the radio I'm on. I've got an email off to Yaesu asking about repair estimates but it may cost more to ship and repair than it's worth. I've also asked if they sell a replacement base or if it's possible to wire it straight through. I wired one straight through before but this one is different, I think a later model so I don't know if I can do it. But I did find one on eBay which is about a year old and looks in good shape for $65.00 from a ham in MA and I've done a "buy it now" on that and should have it Wednesday. For now I'm able use this one by either plugging the wire directly into the microphone head and using the switch on the microphone or working VOX.

Always some issue to address! Lets see what happens tomorrow.

I got screwed by the ham who sold me the MD-100 on eBay. A ham from MA.

The microphone arrived yesterday and I saw problems right when I took it out of the box. The microphone head itself is cracked. There are two cracks both that are all the way through the housing. One runs almost all the way from into the switch well to the jack on the back of the mic. The other runs from the switch well to about 1 1/2" back and looks like it is joining the other crack. The saddle where that the microphone sits in is cracked on both sides. It did not work when I got it. I thought the mic was wired for another type radio but found out the switch was suck on transmit. Cycling the switch on the microphone head a couple of times released it, (indicating that the mic may have been dropped or hit hard). When I put it on the monitor it had an audio noise on key down where all I should have heard was room noise. Talking into the microphone I could hear audio over the noise. The position of the switches on the bottom did not stop or change the audio noise. I am unable to determine if the noise is from the head or base without further tests.

I emailed the seller who right away said that the mic was perfect when it left, he said to take it to the PO for a claim but the packaging was perfect and not damaged. With no indication of packing damage the PO will not accept or grant a claim damage. Even if they did it was not insured for full value. The pictures were deceptive as he photographed the microphone with it sitting in the saddle with the switch and damage down rather than the normal position of up. To make a long(er) story short(er) after an exchange of about 10 emails through eBay I've filed a claim for Buyer's Protection. I've also done photos to show the damage and the packaging.

I should know never to buy "used" from anyone on eBay. Lesson learned by new in original packaging only! Or buy at a flea market where you can at least see what you brought, but you still take a chance that it won't work.

Al - N1API

I started a dispute case with Pay Pal. Yesterday I got an email to send the microphone back to the seller for a refund. Pay Pal ruled in my favor without me having to submit the pictures I took. I should get (most), of my money back, at least the purchase price, but I guess I loose shipping both ways.

The item went in the mail today.

I still can't understand how a ham would sell an obviously physically broken item especially to another ham who would notice it right away and get away with it. The pictures of the item did not show any damage because the microphone was photographed switch side down and the side pictures were dark so not to show any damage.

Al - N1API