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Full Version: 10-10 QSO Log Submission Dates Changes
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Posted on behalf of the 10-10 Contest Manager

I want to remind everyone that beginning with the Summer Phone QSO Party, the deadline date will be 8 days after the QSO Party. So, for the Summer PH, the deadline date will be August 14th (Monday) —

Date — Deadline — Date
Summer Phone — Aug 5-6 — Aug 14th
10-10 Sprint — Oct 10 — Oct 18th
Fall CW — Oct 21-22 — Oct 30th
Fall DG — Nov 11-12 — Nov 20th

Volunteers — Jan-Dec — Jan 8th
Anniversary — Jan-Dec — Jan 8th

Dan Morris KZ3T 10-10# 41015
Ten-Ten QSO Party Manager