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Full Version: Working on my County Hunting Books
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Well first of all I got the 857-D working on FT8 and I've made about a half dozen QSOs on 5 meter with with it. 6 Meters is open out to MO so I'm getting some contacts down there now.

I'm also working on my County Hunters Books and looking at CT I need CW contacts in New Haven County on 6, 10,12, and 15, I also need stuff on 30, 75 and 150 but unless you can sit outside my house with a mobile and I can work you on my dummy load that is not going to happen to get New Haven finished. On those bands I need SSB, CW and Digital.

But if you can help on 6, through 15 and want to run the bands with me sometime please let me know. We can co-ordinate over the phone.


UPDATE: Well I found a 10 meter CW QSO oddly enough with Roger K1TG. What a odd coincidence it comes just after he passed. RIP Roger, I remember the contact too. I was using my paddle as a straight key. Roger was working a contest, it was "rough" but we made the contact.