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Full Version: My Interesting Family Weekend
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This is going to be a long post but I hope it gives you a chuckle.

So... as I said in the contesting section, it was an interesting family weekend. It starts out late last week when my bother's air conditioner in the room across from mine decided to give up the ghost. Heck it was only about 40 something years old. After all, (both my brothers), think that everything should last forever and never need replacement. So he orders a new one. Supposed to come in the 25th of the month. But Friday UPS drops off a huge box which some how the "other brother" managed to drag in the house and put on middle of the living room floor.

So Saturday my bother decided that he's going to install it. First thing is to get the old on out of the wall. No sleeve it was just built into the wall when the additions were put on house sometime in the 70's. 2 hours or so there's a big hole in the wall and the two of them are trying to get the thing down the stairs and out the door. A comedy of errors because the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. I wish I videoed it, this is the stuff you see on laff TV. One trying to tell the other what to do, both have a different idea of how to do it.

Now we got to try and get the new one in. Guess what? Not the one he ordered. The new one was supposed to be the same size. Nope. It would have gone through the wall, right through, it's smaller. Take it back? No going to use this one. And it's a window air conditioner for a wall slot. So 9 hours after all this started it's in. Lots of 2X4's and shims later all done. As I said he should have got a wall unit, had someone come in install a sleeve and the AC and done. Just like I did when mine crapped out a few years ago.

Now it's Sunday I'm contesting my bother comes, (same one), in and says they're going out. His TV crapped out and he's going out to buy a new one. I tried to tell him what he should get and what I had already to help, but no, he knows what he wants a 4 K TV. I told him he doesn't need one because he doesn't have a 4 K receiver or a Blu-ray or 4K player, nope, knows what he wants. 2 hours later he's back with a nice 40 inch Samsung TV. First thing to do take the old TV out. It a Glass Screen HD TV one of the first out. A Panasonic Glass Screen TV that weight about 90 pounds and it about as big as a bus, (yea THAT one Jim), same one I had for my first hi-def TV but a year later model. Now again they got to try and get this monster out of the house. Bigger and more clumsy than the AC they slip it down the stairs and into the wheelbarrow on the front walk. So the two of them, with the help of some guy walking his dog down the street they get it into the garage, (while I watch the dog). Should have videoed this comedy of errors too.

Now he's got to hook the new one up. So an hour later hes in my room saying he can't hook it up because everything is 30 year old technology, RCA Phono Jacks not HDMI. Got to call Geek Squad to come in and hook everything up, but in the meantime he's going to screw the cable directly into the TV input. Well guess what? After scanning the cable he's got an ON Demand Channel one Cox preview channel and 5 channels telling him to call COX for help. Cox removed the direct to cable connection years ago because apartment dwellers and multi home houses were splitting off one connection and getting multiple services for free.

Well anyway I go into my wire box, get an HDMI cable and ask him if he wants me to fix it so he can watch TV, but you're not going to have the sound system because the receiver is not compatible with the system and also had RCA phono jacks. I DON"T CAR ABOUT SOUND, (loudly). Zip-Zip five minutes later the cable box is connected and he's got a nice picture. And even the DVD Player with with the component output is hood up through the component input of the TV, with the supplied adapter.

$149.95 I said, but Geek Squad is $144.94, _I_ make Sunday house calls. Maybe someday they'll ask for advise but I doubt it.

So the next thing that will crap out is his car, he's on his own with that one. Can't you tell he doesn't take care of his things?

-73- Al
I know the problem with those old units. Just installed central air this year. The large window unit I have been using for years weighs 94 lbs. Says so right on the label. Still works good.