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Full Version: Power supply output connections
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Have bargain basement PS with a bank of three pairs of output connections.

Supply rated at 50 Amps continuous.

I'm guessing that the total of 50 amps means that I will only be able to draw 1/3 or 16 amps from each of the three sets of output terminals if all are being used at the same time.

So my question is, can I just attach a cable to only one terminal, draw 40 or so amps from that terminal and not use the remaining two output terminal sets at all ? Or in order to get use of the max current capability with only one output line should I build some kind of parallel three to one cable adapter and use all three terminals to provide the 40 plus amps ?

The three sets of terminals each look like they could handle a #12 wire, but I really have no data or schematics on this thing. It has a very clean output with no hash or birdies that I can see at lower current draws of a few amps.

Has anyone dealt with one of these Chinese switching supplies with multiple output terminals ? The one I have only has one down side and that is the fan is a little noisy. It's a common sized 12 volt fan used in a lot of computers, so I think I may be able to find a quieter one easily.