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Full Version: New Baby
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The new baby is here.

Announcing the birth of a 46.3 pound Yaesu FT-5000DXMP Limited.

It was an easy birth. The radio jumped up on the bench and ate all the old plugs and connections like it was expected to do. The only changes that need to be made was to specify the correct radio in the software programs and she was up and running. The first contact was with K1WJL on 10 meters to check the audio quality. The 2nd was with P49Y on 40 meter CW. He's a good 59 and I got in first shot. I like that it has 6 meters. Should play nice in the VHF contests.

Everything is mostly set up in the menu a few things I may want to tweak. Next to program all memories in. One nice feature that like is I configured the front key jack for the paddle and the rear jack for the contest keyer and straight key. Also this has got all the filters that I need nothing else to buy. The micro tuning units, (which I found out have little stepper motors in them), are only necessary in a multi contest environment or if you got a KW that lives next door to you. The scope is not really necessary most people buy it for the stereo speakers. I got a speaker and if I want "stereo: I can plug the earphones in the front jack. It's got an SSB voice recorder that can record, (I believe), 5 contest messages. It also can store the same amount of CW messages and has a incremental number keyer for contests. Probably may not use that much but may put some N1API and report messages in there for working DX or contest call ups.

Some new things to learn and discover but I'm "good to go" for the CW contest this weekend.

While I'm at it I may as well mention that the FT1000MP MK-V was born on February 6, 2001 and died on November 20, 2018 at the ripe old age of 17. May she rest in peace. Funeral plans are incomplete as of yet.