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Full Version: USA-CA Custodian Retures
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I had not seen this mentioned, and I'm behind on my reading but in the January 2019 issue of CQ Magazine, Ted K1BV posted a picture of the group picture at the Mobile Amateur Radio Club Convention and a short story about his going to the convention in Kansas City last October.

The big thing at the end of his article he announced his "retiring as USA-CA Custodian and "Award" columnist" effective "with this Issue of CQ".  He did not make mention of a replacement, The February the CQ staff wrote the article and said they are looking for a USACA Custodian and  Award Column replacement.

If you are working on your "counties"  until they find a replacement there will not be any USA-CA awards or upgrades to awards issued.  If you see Ted K1BV at Nutmeg in October be sure to thank him for all the years he served as awards columnist for CQ and USA-CA Manager.