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Full Version: 5V7EI Togo DXpedition Active - March 14th to March 26th
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A team of Irish Operators are active from Togo as 5V7EI on all bands from March 14th to March 26.  They will be running CW, SSB, RTTY and FT8 on 160 to 10 meters.  They are using Hexbeams, Verticals and an inverted L for 160.  Radios are Icom 7300s and Acom 1010 amplifiers.  They are using Clublog's online log and QSLs will be Direct, Bureau, OQRS and LBOTW after about 3 months.

Check out their web page at: https://5v7ei.com/

Togo Info from Clublog

  • Most Wanted Rank: 112
  • CQ zone: 35
  • Continent: AF
  • Primary prefix: 5V7
  • Approximate location: 6.20°N 1.40°E
Good luck with this one.   (And is one of the 20 I never worked on 20 meters.)