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Full Version: Cheap Go Boxes Available
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Our district emergency coordinator Douglas WA1SFH has some very nice waterproof pelican cases available for sell if anyone would like to purchase one to build a "Go Box". I bought one for $40 and they normally sell for about $110. I believe these are Pelican 1550 cases that have been OEMed for use by a private company. The one I got was previously used by a commercial company for use with professional electronic instrumentation.

What is a "Go Box"? This is box with all the radio gear you need to grab and go in case of an emergency. Typically, I go box will contain the following:
1)dual-band VHF/UHF radios
2)perhaps a second dual-band radio for packet communication (email, file transfer, etc)
3)TNC (terminal node controller) for packet radio
4)switching power supply
5)power distribution block (ie Rigrunner 4005)
6)a battery switch (ie hamsource EZ Gate)
7)battery (can also be carried outside the box)
8)Am I missing anything? Don't forget to take along an antenna!

If you're interested in one of these boxes, you can contact Douglas if you are interested or I can try to coordinate for you as well.

Pictures attached.

Joe Hamm