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Full Version: Where the Small Plan Hit The High Tension Tower
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I was able to get some photos of the crash scene today, (4/12/19), and a good shot of where the small plane hit the high tension electrical tower.  Look at the very top you will see that one side, (the left), is bent.  This is where the plane hit and took down the wire.  The wire that came down tho it did cause the black out because it probably hit the energized wires below it is not energized.  It is the "counter poi" or ground wire strung between towers.  The Eversource crew was working on the tower in back of me from about midnight to 2 AM checking or repairing it.  (That tower was not hit, they probably had to check it for wires damaged from the accident on the adjacent tower).  I did not know they had a bucket truck that could reach the top of the tower but they do, (can I get them to work on my tower?).  Power came back on about 4 AM.

I am suspecting that eventually they will need to get up there and replace that broken piece.