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Full Version: I keep learning new things about my FTDX5000 All The Time
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It seems I learn something new about my Yaesu FTDX5000 all the time.

Today while trying to follow some County Hunters around the band I wondered if there was an easier way than going to the memory mode and rolling through the memories to get to the frequency I wanted to be on.  Example I wanted to go from SSB on 14.336 to CW on 14.0565.  So I said lets see if this thing has a A / B VFO selection like the 1000 MP did even though there is no A/B VFO button.  (There is a "B" receiver and transmitter for split but what I was looking for was something off the "A" VFO).  So I pressed the 14 MHz band selector.  Well..  not only did it come up with another 20 meter selection.  It came up with a THIRD selection too.  It seems that you can memorize three modes and frequencies on the VFO.  10 band buttons so it looks like there is 30 frequencies you can set with out having to use the saved memories.

Something new every day.

(This I'll check to see if the 950 at the club does something similar, since it has a lot of similarities to this radio).
The FT-950 and the FT-991s in the shack all have triple-band-stack memories.
(04-21-2019, 06:07 PM)W1DQ Wrote: [ -> ]The FT-950 and the FT-991s in the shack all have triple-band-stack memories.

Thanks John, that is good to know.  Could be something in the manual that I did not catch.  But of course I was never a RTFM guy.  Usually quick set-up and get going... Big Grin