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Full Version: Some Unsual Interference On 20 meters
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This weekend I started to notice an unusual noise on 20 meters it sounded like a one second tick.  I could see it on my FT8 waterfall.  If I listen on 14.348 is is a steady on second pulse.  At first I though it was the clock in the computer because when the clock ticked so did the noise and the pulse showed on the FT8 scale that show as the time ticks down.

I tuned up the band and on 14.473 AM I have a 20 over rhythmic noise which shows west to north.   Using the filters on the radio it's peak is 14.474.400, that is with the roofing filter at 300 CPS and the band width down to 150 KHZ.

Anyone else in the area hear anything?  I'm thinking over the horizon radar?  it is 'Propagating" some what.   I don't know if the sub  bands are causing the ticks on 20 meters.