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Full Version: 10-10 Spirit of 76 QSO Pary July 1st to July 7th
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10-10 Spirit of 76 QSO Party

This is a week long event that runs the Fourth of July week.  The object is to work as
many stations as possible on 10 meters with or without a 10-10 number on 6 modes.
Score two points for each 10-10 QSO and one point for each non 10-10 QSO.  A
total of 12 points are available if you work a member on all modes.  Here is a good
chance to test your stations and antennas to see how it performs on modes and on
frequencies you may not normally use it for.

The modes are SSB, CW, AM, FM, PSK31, and RTTY.  (Note:  Because of the
difficulty of exchanging 10-10 numbers via FT8 it has not been added in replacement
of PSK).

The dates this year are from July 1st 0000 UTC to July 7th 2359:59.  The 10 meter
net can be used to exchange numbers for the party and this is about the only
weekly net we ask members to give their 10-10 numbers on the net.

The full information for this QSO party with all the details can be found at:
Castle Craig Chapter and W1NRG won two certificates in the 10-10 Spirit of 76 QSO Party.

The Castle Craig Chapter won 2nd place for Chapters.
W1NRG won FIRST PLACE for clubs.

N1API and K1RCT combined to win these two awards.