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Full Version: Solar Cycle 25 Predictions Released
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The predictions for Solar Cycle 25 have been released.  We are now in the minimum of Cycle 24.  The actual bottom is predicted to be April 2020 +/- 6 months which means October 2019 to October 2020.  They give themselves a large leeway in the predictions then fill in the actual dates once the numbers settle down.

The maximum for Cycle 25 is predicted to be in July of 2025 with 115 =/- 10 sunspots.

Cycle 25 is predicted to be much like 24 in max numbers.  By the attached chart these are smoothed numbers and we could, (and did see), sunspot numbers higher than the max.

From the solar data chart that I keep, the highest number that I saw from this cycle was on 04/17/2014 where we had 296 Sunspots and a Solar Flux number of 178.9.

This information and attached chart is from www.solarham.net