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Full Version: T30ET West Kiribati DXpedtion Postpone Due to Coronavirus
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Alex Gromme, 5B4ALX, has postponed his March 18 - April 2 T30ET DXpedition to Tarawa (West Kiribati) because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. The Kiribati Ministry of Health told Gromme that he would need to be quarantined for 14 days in Honiara, Solomon Islands, before getting medical approval to continue on to Kiribati. "T30ET is currently postponed, not deleted," Gromme said on his website. He's now looking at October 2020, assuming the COVID-19 situation is resolved by then. Last week, travel restrictions imposed on individuals entering American Samoa as a result of the coronavirus outbreak caused Swains Island W8S DXpedition organizers to postpone that DXpedition until later in the year. The team members were unable to comply with a 14-day mandatory quarantine in Hawaii. The DXpedition announced tentative dates of September 23 - October 6.

Personally I wonder how many others will get postpone or cancelled because of the virus?  Also how many that are out now will face quarantine as they go and then another when returning?  It could be slow year for new DXpeditions because quarantine could add 28 days to a DXpedition, more if someone gets infected.