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Full Version: D-Day 70th Anniv Special Event
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There are several special event stations planned for the 70th anniversary of D-Day, the invasion at Normandy on June 6, 1944.

-TM70JUN Jun 6-Jun 20 all bands and modes from Juno Beach.
-TM70BMC Jun 5-Jun 8 VHF/UHF from Mount Carey, France.
-W9D Jun 6-Jun 8 all mode and bands from Memorial War Museum, Ill. (www.w9dup.org).
-VC3JUNO Jun 6-Jul 31 all modes and bands commemorating Canadian Juno Beach landings. From Canada
-GB70DDL Jun 1- Jun 28 on non-WARC bands and all modes.
-GB70DDAY May 24 - Jun 30 All bands and modes from the HMS Belfast in London.
-Probably many more.

Most can be found on QSL.COM or ARRL.ORG. Google call or follow ops instructions.

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Been watching a lot of shows on the subject on the Military channel. Very interesting stuff.