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Full Version: Liquid Electrical Tape - Good or Bad
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Saw a piece in the IRTS newsletter that may be of use for home brewers and general shack work.
Performix a division of Plasti-Dip International has a spray or brush-on liquid they claim is better than electrical tape. It may be a useful item to seal those outside coax, etc connectors. Runs about $10 a bottle at ACE, HOME DESPOT, LOWES, HARBOR FREIGHT, (you can google liquid tape performix). May have to be ordered then store pickup. Here is the web site:
Just wondering if it is useful? Sounds better than wrapping in electrical tape or the gunk like connector sealer. Any experience?
Never saw the product before. Looks like it would work great for sealing connectors on transmission lines. Looking at the MSDS just don't want to breath in the fumes.
I've used it in an Industrial setting. Not worth the expense. Messy to apply, messy cleanup if you have to remove it. It does not come off clean. Better to use fusion tape (3M, there are others).
Better to seal even to uneven surfaces like coax to connector. Some say you don't have to use Electrical Tape over the fusion tape but the Standard in Industry is to cover your fused tape with electrical tape.