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Full Version: VK9LDX - Lord Howe Island - QRV Now
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A large team of operators has activated Lord Howe Island using the call VK9DX. They plan 10(!) fully operational HF stations capable of all modes (CW, SSB and RTTY) all with amplifiers. One station is dedicated to 6 meters when there is activity on that band. To check out the full list of equipment for their impressive setup visit their web page at: http://www.lordhowe2014.org/index.php

They are QRV with multiple stations on all bands with an emphasis on RTTY operations. The operation began with their arrival on the island October 13th and they will start to dismantle the stations on October 29th 2014. The operation last 17 days.

Keep an eye on the DXCluster web sites for the spots of where they are active.

Good Luck to the Deserving!

Not to sure how I got on a Lord Howe Update Distribution List but this information arrived in my Inbox yesterday.

UPDATE – We are just about to take down the last antennas (160m vertical and beverages) and pack the last cases. Last night there was another 160m operation, but conditions are still bad for low bands. So only a few QSOs made it into the log. Most of the equipment was packed yesterday while we were having a fantastic weather with beautiful sunshine. So we were able to pack everything in a dry condition.

After we packed the most stuff, the main team will leave the island today at 1400 local time. Joe DF7TH and Robert SP5XVY will stay on the island for more few days. Joe will depart in November 4th and Robert on November 8th. They will continue limited operations on some high bands. So please don’t ask for anything more. There will be no more low band operation. Neither there will be a 6m station left.

The online log will be uploaded when time permits. After the end of operations we will upload it completely to Clublog. We will also open the OQRS then.

Meanwhile thank you very much so far for your participation in the pile-ups! We had a real good fun working the crowds of people.

Feel free to visit the DXpedition website on http://www.lordhowe2014.org

73 de DJ3XG

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