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Full Version: VU4 - Andaman & Nicobar Island
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A DXpedition to Andaman & Nicobar Islands is now in operation. They are currently running using the call VU4CB from Campbell Island the purpose of which is to activate a rare IOTA, (Islands On The Air) country. This of course still counts toward DXCC for Andaman & Nicobar Is. and and also good for a rare IOTA if you collect them. This part of the operation runs from November 3rd to November 13th. They will operate from November 13th to November 30th from Neil Island with "a bigger operation" 5 QRO stations using the call VU4KV.

For full info check their Webpage at: http://www.vu4kv.info/

There is no reliable internet they state that a visit to the Telco office they see dial up (!) modems.

They do have a nice signal on 20 meters, and are good operators, the QRMers seem to be staying fairly clear of this one so they should be easy to work.