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Full Version: Join ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Service)
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Hi Everybody,
This part of Connecticut is a great place to live.
- Our weather is mostly benign and serene,
- Disasters rarely happen here.

However, we should not be lulled into "BLUE SKY" complacency, assuming that everything will work, antennas will still be up in the air, commercial power will be up and cellphone/cable/etc. service will be available.

In ARES, we need to prepare for "BLACK SKY" events and the days following.
- That is when we are really and truly needed in our communities and to be available to help others.

If you would like to find out more about ARES and what it takes to be an ARES Team Member,
please visit
Our State Level ARES website: www.ctares.org
Our Local Regional Level ARES website: www.ctaresregion2.org

Join ARES and Get Ready to do your part.