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Full Version: P5 North Korea Active?
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This is directly off of DXNews.com take it for what it is worth.

P5/3Z9DX North Korea Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea

Published2015-12-21 09:39:33 Views16948 total, 57 today Comments18 4

Dom 3Z9DX is inform dxnews.com that he is planning to be active from North Korea (Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea) January - February 2016 as P5/3Z9DX.
He have license to operate on 3 bands but he is planning to concentrate on operation on 20m only SSB using 100 watt and vertical antenna.
QSL via home call.
More information later.
News P5/3Z9DX 21 December 2015.
Dom, P5/3Z9DX is active today on 20,15,10m.
His operating freqs:
14200, 21222, 28460.

News P5/3Z9DX 20 December 2015.
Dom is active again from North Korea on 21222 now.
News P5/3Z9DX 20 December 2015.
According to latest information its possible that Dom P5/3Z9DX will be active on 21 December 2015.
He not sure anyway. If activity will be happen that will be most probably same time and same frequency.
Monitor 21222 after 0GMT.
News will be posted anyway. We waiting for information from Dom.
Activity from DPRK in 2016 now planned in February 2016.

News 20 December 2015 07.10 GMT
Dom is just phone me and tell me that he is active only on 15m now.
Noise level on 15m is 59 +5 on another bands 59 +40.
He is in downtown and no chance to put antenna higher really.
He will stay in P5 until 22 December 2015 but no idea how long he will be able to active and how long demo to local officials will take.
Stay tuned More information will be published.

PLEASE MAKE ONLY SHORT QSOs. Dont call him Dom, or hello or anything more then exchange.
Part of the agreement is that only short QSOs allowed.