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Full Version: South Sandwich and South George Island DXpedition
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A multi-national team of 14 operators are heading to South Sandwich Island aboard the RV Braveheart for an 8 day operation as VP8STI with a planned start date of January 17th after which they will re-board the RV Braveheart and head to South George Island for a planned 8 day operation starting about February 1st as VP8SGI.

From their webpage "While we intend to activate these two rare entities during this voyage, our primary activity and focus is completing eight days of activation at South Sandwich Island as it is most needed by the global dx community. This is our primary goal is to do a good job from South Sandwich before moving to South Georgia Island".

The equipment is Electra K3 radios and amplifiers Force 12 Beams for 10 through 20 meters, Verticals for 30 through 160 meters, a 4 element beam for 6 meters and homebrew dipole for 60 meters. They plan SSB, CW and RTTY with a 6 station setup.

Much more information on their webpage at: http://www.intrepid-dx.com/vp8/index.php

There is also a GPS site to track the Braveheart, (which BTW is one of the ships that also service the Australian Antarctic bases including Macquarie Island). They are enroute and have been spotted on the cluster as VP8IDX/M

VP8STI is activated. On 17m CW coming through 3pm EST Jan 18, 2016. Check cluster.
To update on what John W1DQ mentioned last night on the net:

January 27 – Antonio EA5RM – VP8STI/VP8SGI Chief Pilot – informs that finally, yesterday the team was able to collect all gear from Thule Is. All team members are OK and they are on the way to South Georgia where they will arrive after three days sailing. They will try to be on the air for eight days as VP8SGI.

Personally, Antonio wants to thank to all who send support messages expressing their concerns about VP8STI team situation.

Delorme tracker is working, you can see Braveheart progress at: http://www.intrepid-dx.com/vp8/location