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Full Version: E & E photos DXpedition St. Kitts
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Hi everyone.

It was great to connect with MARC members during the very fun pileup the other night. We had over 40 contacts in about 45 minutes. What a blast!

We ended up using the loaded 80 / 40 dipole (MFJ-17758). Put it up here in St. Kitts as an inverted V, and is nearly 1:1 in the center of the phone sections on the bands. It has a tight angle; way less than optimal. Apex about 35 feet up. We're only about a 1,000 feet from the Caribbean -- so an awesome ground plane.

Below we've provided links to four photos. You can see our outdoor shack, the National Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (where I picked up my license), and a copy of the license itself.


We'll try to get on the air again over the next day or two before we return. Thanks, again, for the pre-trip advice and propagation insights!

Eric KB1EHE & Elsie KB1IFZ