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Full Version: 10-10 Summer QSO Party
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This year the 10-10 Summer QSO Party will be on the first weekend in August. Dates are August 6th and 7th.

This year I will be returning from the MARAC County Hunters Convention in Germantown, TN and will be on the train both days not getting in until after the end of the contest.

This is a good opportunity for someone to run the kick off net Friday Evening. (Or if you want to do something Saturday that's fine too).

Also since I won't be operating it's a chance for someone to run W1NRG from their home QTH or from the club and work the contest.

I know you may feel that 10 meters is pretty dead, but I've worked Winter QSO parties and made 50 contacts figuring that 10 meters was going to be punk for the Summer event then surprised myself with an "E" layer opening and made 250 QSOs.

Please consider taking on one of these this year. N1MM has a 10-10 contest module and also the club's laptop has Win1010 on it and I can show you how to open a contest and use it. Very simple to do.

Interested? Email me or see me at a meeting.

I'd like to see Castle Craig Chapter make a good showing in the QSO Party this summer!

Al - N1API
Castle Craig Chapter of 10-10