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Full Version: 9J2T - Zambia Now Active with Realtime Log
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A team of 6 operators is active from Zambia using the cal 9J2T. They will be active until March 17th 2014, (St. Patty's Day). Their web page is: http://www.i2ysb.com/idt/

They are using Elecraft K3 transceivers and amplifiers with an assortment of Spiderbeams, Yagis, Verticals, Moxons, Quads and other various antennas. They are on all bands 160 (CW) through 6 meters SSB and CW and 20 meter Digital.

They have a REALTIME Log running. My 12 meter CW QSO was shown almost instantly. QSLs go via OQRS with LoTW credit, via the Bureau, Direct per instructions at: http://www.i2ysb.com/idt/ and LBOTW as "decided by the team".


The 9J2T QSLs are being uploaded to Log Book Of The World if you have requested an LBOTW only upload. Mine showed up today.