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Full Version: 40 Meters (Contesting)
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So I wanted to play a little in the CQ WPX contest tonight just to see how the bands are. 20 was open mostly to the south but the going was tough. All the big guns are in there and in the beginning of the contest I'm one of the little pistols. After 4 QSOs I figured that these stations will be easier after all the big guns left and I'll be better off tomorrow or Sunday on 20.

So off to 40 I go. Better luck there, I ended up with 29 contacts 27 of them were countries and multipliers. Some were one shot deals into the Caribbean and Europe some I had to work for. I'm sort of new there so still learning the band. What I did find out was I could work Russia easier than I can work the British Isle. It seems that the signal bounces over them and drops into Europe and the Mediterranean. Of course in this contest it helps to know what country you are working. If you are working Italy for example you ae going to get 500 more than likely for a power as that is all they can work. The G stations have a max power of 400 watts.

So anyway I'll play around with this a little this weekend. Not sure how much time I'll put in, but will make a showing. Will look at 40 a lot because I'm still trying to get DXCC on 40. I need 19 more countries to get 100 there. I've worked 4 or 5 new ones. Hey who knows maybe in 20 or 30 more years I can get 5BDXCC.