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VP6D has had a good signal on most bands - N1API - 10-23-2018

The VP6D Team has had a good signal on most bands. What surprised me the most was how consistent the signal has been on 20 meters. They are there most of the day and into the night. 40 meters has been good too. 40 meters opens about their dusk. Once they get into their gray line they start to be workable especially on FT8. (Which may turn out to be the "money mode" for them). Check their web site for their sunrise and sunset times, they are -8 UTC. I've heard them everywhere except 10 meters. They've been light on 12 but they are there. I only needed 40 meters and digital and yesterday I worked them on 20 digital and then last night after the 6 meter worked them on 40 meters so I am through with this one. I'll check every once in a while just to see where they can be heard but don't need to work this one again. I've got them for all the modes and antennas that I have, (unless 6 meters opens... hi). Good luck to the Deserving.