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CQ 160m contests - KC1SA - 02-28-2022

I don't see many members working on 160m bands for contests.  Pretty easy band to get on with just an end fed antenna.  The Ultimax 100 or a Balun Designs 9:1 will get you on the air and those antenna work all the way to 6m.... so a single antenna (a compromise) will get you on all HF bands for about $100 (you have to have an antenna tuner too!)!  February there was two CQ contests for just 160m (CW and SSB).  If you've not tried 160m, take time and give it a shot.  If you contest in these CQ events, no need to sit in your chair for very long...you can clear the band in about an hour and go back to do other things.




RE: CQ 160m contests - WA1TRY - 03-01-2022

Thanks Steve,
  I have large OCF dipole set as an inverted Vee set up here.  Never tried any 160 work with it.   But after reading this post here gave it look.  Happy to say it does indeed "load up" on 160.   Looking forward to trying that band for some good old fashioned Rag Chewing. 

73, Rich WA1TRY