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May logs due tomorrow (June 9th) by 8AM local time - KC1SA - 06-08-2022

Only six folks (including me) submitted logs so far for May.  Last fall we had 40+ members interested and 30+ members stating they would participate in the Diamond and Gold challenge.  Best participation was 13 members so far this year, far short of the 30+ members that stated they would participate.

This event was to spark enthusiasm, especially with newly licensed hams (and new members to MARC) to begin / renew on air activity with the hope that more members would participate in contesting and non-contesting events like;
  • Islands on the Air
  • Field Day
  • Sweepstakes
  • New England QSO party
  • 13 Colonies QSO party
  • PODXS events
  • WAE events

MARC, at one time, had bragging rights for placing in the top scoring clubs for some of these contests.  In addition, members have received ARRL and other awards for placing and participating in these types of events.  The D&G challenge is extremely easy to participate in.  If you get on the air and make contacts, you should keep a log with Band, Time, Call Sign and Mode.  That same information is all that is needed for you to submit.  No fancy calculations.  I've heard that some MARC members do get on the air but never submit logs (to LOTW, eQSL, HrdLog, QRZ, etc.).  Submitting logs to one or all of these on-line databases should be done only so the other party gets confirmation of the QSO with you.

I am open for suggestions on how we spark committed participation in these types of events.