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N1MM Does Not Score 7QP And INQP Well - N1API - 05-06-2017

Trying to make some contacts in the 7QP and INQP but N1MM does not score the contest correctly. For example if you enter AZMAR for Maricopa, Arizona, N1MM tell you that it is either an incorrect or incomplete exchange and asks if you want to record it. If you do it records it as zero points. I think that the disadvantage is that if you are in a "QP" state that weekend and are making contacts out of the QP time N1MM is giving you zero points, even if you select 7QP, INQP or DEQP as your default party.

I think I had the same issue last year and had to rescore the Cabrillo file by hand after the QP to submit the log. BUT the QP's software will rescore your log anyway even if you submit it with zero points.