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10-10 Contest Scoring

If anyone has any concerns about the contest robot they can email David KJ4IZW at or about the scoring, (and suggestions for improvement), to Dan KZ3T at

I've already had a number of emails back and fourth with both "unofficially" I guess as a member of the planning committee as to my thought about the contest robot scoring. I have mentioned the acknowledgement email and pointed out a couple of discrepancies that showed in my log that were actually correct according to the 10-10 database at

Though I'm not totally pleased that they are going the way of electronic scoring of logs, (and probably won't go deep into penalties like ARRL, CQ and others), I guess change is the wave of the future. They are still going to get those who don't computer log and just send in a paper log by mail or a manual form by email.

Al - N1API

All the comments about the contest scoring robot, especially it seems from members of the Castle Craig Chapter has gotten a response from Dan, KZ3T that he's posted on the 10-10 distribution lists. If you don't have either the 10-10 list or Yahoo Tenmeter list here is what Dan posted.

KZ3T Wrote:One more thing I wanted to mention to everyone. If you upload a log and are not taken to a SUMMARY page then your log was not accepted. Try again. In the meantime, send me your log and I will try uploading from here. If you are taken to a SUMMARY page then your log was accepted!!

The main thing to look for at the summary page is:
1. Your claimed score
2. The score the robot gave
3. The errors the robot lists

If claimed score and robot score are the same you are good to go, no errors.

If there are errors, check them out and correct any typos you may have made and then resubmit/upload your log again. Other errors are just operator error, bad contact or robot errors which we can fix.

It is not fair for me nor is it my job to make any corrections to anyone’s log without their permission. I don’t mind doing it but not unless you tell me to.

Thank you.

Dan Morris KZ3T 10-10# 41015
Ten-Ten QSO Party Manager

Al - N1API
This from me to Dan, and the reply ...


I had 4 errors when I posted my log.
One was a ‘real’ error, dyslexia kicked in, had xx232 instead of xx323.
The other three that showed nil 10-10 number or wrong call.
I verified on the web site look-up, all where OK.
I left them alone in the log on my second upload.
Is there a database ‘lag’ from 10-10 to the scoring web site?

73, Mark K1PU 33916

Back from Dan ....

Yes there is — Our database is not quite up to date and we try to make those changes as necessary. We are also working on getting the updated database real time. Thanks

Dan Morris KZ3T 10-10# 41015
I couldn't find anything on the ten-ten web site about how to submit an electronic log so I emailed my paper log.
24 contacts = 43 points.
I think that is because this is the "start-up" for this. There may have been something about it in the last news. I remember something about an "experiment" with electronic log scoring but I did not pay to much attention to it. The information was mosly sent out to the distribution lists. I think that Dan is planning something for the newsletter and also the distribution lists. By the time summer contest runs the web site should be updated.

I agree it was a "soft" roll out. If Dan hadn't set me a message about it when I sent him my logs I would have forgotten about it.


(02-06-2014, 09:08 AM)N1ZN Wrote: I couldn't find anything on the ten-ten web site about how to submit an electronic log so I emailed my paper log.
24 contacts = 43 points.

Al - N1API

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