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VK9MT Melish Reef Now Active

A multinational team of 11 operators are active from Mellish Reef as VK9MT.

The operation started March 28th and will go to April 9th. Mellish reef is Number 22 on the global most wanted list. Expect large pileups because this is a short operation for one of the top 25 needed countries.

They are planning operations on 10 though 16 meters using Elecraft Transceivers and amplifiers and variety of SteppIR verticals, 4 squares, hex beams and other various antennas for 80 and 160. They plan operations on all modes with "extensive" RTTY operations.

QSL is direct, via OQRS and Logbook of the world "at the earliest opportunity". They have an online log look up on their web page.

They have an impressive web page at

GL to the Deserving

Al - N1API

A tropical depression may cause the VK9MT Team to QRT and retreat back to Australia. It is unlikely that they will be able to return to the island.

Full story on the ARRL Web:


I will continue to try and keep abreast of the Mellish Reef DXpedition and update the Breaking news section. When you see the breaking news title change click on the title and you will be taken to the late news.

Last update will be either the team is QRT and heading home or they will finish up the DXpedition in what ever manner they can.


Al - N1API


Update from VK9MT:

The VK9MT DXpedition ended operations at 0330 UTC on April 4.

'Due to the ever-worsening weather associated with an impending tropical storm, the team decided in the interest of safety to end the operation early.

The last night on the island was extremely difficult. With continued heavy rain and wind, radio operations were nearly impossible. We have set sail for the Australian coast and seek a course to keep ahead of the storm that caused us to leave the reef."

Team Mellish 2014

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