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N1MM SSB Audio Help Or Advise Needed

This weekend I tried to Key the SSB responses through N1MM using the function keys.

I got a USB microphone, downloaded a pretty good program, (I would like to find a good free one), to record WAV files and made some recordings. They sound pretty good through the computer's speaker.

But they do not play at the radio. They don't key the PTT and the audio is not getting to the microphone jack.

Here is the setup. CW keys well. Digital works through my RIGblaster Advantage using FSK from the jack in back of the radio. There is a conection to the microphone for PTT. I do have to throw the switch to go from SSB to DIGITAL. So I am not sure if leaving the switch in the "microphone" position will route audio from the computer to the microphone jack.

Has anyone configured N1MM to do Voice Keying? If so what settings did you use and did you have to do any other wiring from the computer? I don't have any more room for wires as you can imagine!


Al - N1API
You have to "point" N1MM+ at your RigBlaster for PTT. Have you ever used N1MM for keying? Setup should be seamless. I'll look this up and see if I can get some sort of idea. Maybe you should relocate this thread to Interference & Technical so Rich can get involved too.
K1RCT - Rob
W1NRG Station Activities Manager
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