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Submitting Your Log For The 10-10 Summer QSO Party

The upload link for the contest scorer is:

Logs are due before 08/13/2018. They must be uploaded or mailed to the contest manager by that date.

Once you get on the robot page look for the 10-10 International Section. It should be the top section in the second column. Press the button that says "UPLOAD" and there is a form to fill out. You can attach either your Cabrillo File or ADIF file. If you upload an ADIF file make sure it ONLY contains contacts from the Summer QSO party times and on 10 meters.

Make sure that your log shows the Correct contest, the 10-10 Summer QSO Party.

Once you upload your log you will see the results including your log. Any errors in your log will be noted in RED. You should correct those errors such as incorrect calls, wrong 10-10 numbers ect. The only errors you can not correct are called database numbers, they are new numbers that have not been put in the master database yet, the contest manager will correct those. If you have an error that you can't correct., (there are lookups available on the 1010 web page). (You can also download a small program where you can enter a call and it will give you a 10-10 number, or a number will give you a call. It updated each month with new numbers and calls), you can always remove the 10-10 number and take the contact for a 1 point QSO. But 99% of errors can be corrected, the robot gives you every chance to correct your log.

It is best to upload your log rather than mail it. If you mail it in you do not have a chance to correct your errors, what you send in will get posted and you get lost contacts for errors.

Al - N1API

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