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10-10 Summer QSO Party Results

Here is a summary of the results. The full PDF results are attached.

Castle Craig Chapter had 8 logs.

N1API - 1st One Call Area - 10th World (Combined Reslts) - 3rd Low Power Class.
K1RCT - 2nd One Call Area
K1LHO - 4th One Call Area
N1ZN - 6th One Call Area
K1TDO - 8th One Call Area
N1YKH - 9th One Call Area
K1YKH - 12th One Call Area

W1NRG - 5th Club Entries - 3rd place Clubs.

Castle Craig Chapter - 3rd Place Chapters with 8 logs and 590 total points.

You can check further information on all the results at the log robot site at:

Here is a tip, if you check the option to let anyone see your log after the results are posted you will be able to check your LCR by clicking on your call. You can also see the other results and logs from others who have enabled that option. On the top, (in red), if you have any errors or problems with any entries you can look them over. They are also noted when you first enter your log so you can correct the errors.

Thanks to those who participated! Please mark February 2nd and 3rd 2019 on your calendar for the Winter 10-10 QSO Party.

-73- Al - N1API
CM / CH Castle Craig Chapter of 10-10

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