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Worked All Europe SSB Contest Scores

If you played in the Worked All Europe SSB Contest please report your scores here. Please use Meriden ARC for your club when reporting your scores to the log robot.

Here are my results for the Worked All Europe SSB Contest.

CLUB: Meriden ARC
ADDRESS: Meriden, CT 06451
CREATED-BY: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.7268.0

Band ------ Q/QTC ------ QSOs ------ Multi
7 ----------- QSO -------- 13 --------- 27
7 ---------- SQTC -------- 12 ---------- 0
14 ---------- QSO ------- 224 --------- 76
14 --------- SQTC ------- 224 ---------- 0
Total ------- All ------- 473 ---------103
Score: 48,719
1 Mult = 4.6 Q's

I did not work the whole weekend. Saturday I went up to the Waterbury/Oxford Airport for the Wings Of Freedom Tour to see the WWII planes they had. Got some nice photos and shot some video of the P-51 and B-25 Mitchell taking off and landing and a few other assorted planes that were flying about. I would have liked to see the B-24J Liberator and B-17G Flying Fortress fly but they were on static display for the weekend.

Sunday I played most of the day. I was having issues with the wireless mouse, the left click button was not working. I guess all the years of using it, it was "all clicked out", fortunately I had a spare wireless mouse for the laptop that I could put into use. I'll need to get a replacement wireless mouse for the travel laptop before I go to Kansas City at that end of the month. I spent most of Saturday afternoon and Sunday calling CQ and had some nice runs. There was an A61 who came up just 1 kHz above my transmit frequency and stayed for nearly 2 hours Sunday late morning. He knew that I was there and was interfering because every once in a while he would slip down to my transmit frequency and call but this tough bird would not move, I stood my ground and trudged on. He either lost the band or left after about 2 hours. 40 meters was poor Saturday, I only made 2 contacts. The rest and the QTC exchanges were made Sunday evening, signals were better starting just before sunset. If you are new to contesting this is an interesting contest, especially if you want to practice your traffic handling skills sending QTC.

Next Up CQ World War RTTY the end of this month.

Al - N1API

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