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CQ WW SSB Contest Results

Please report your CQ WW SSB Contest scores here by replying to this message. If you worked the contest please use Meriden ARC as your club for the log.

Here are my results for the weekend for the SSB Contest.

CLUB: Meriden ARC
CREATED-BY: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.7300.0

Band ------ QSOs ------ ZN ------Cty
7 ------------24 ------ 10 ------ 19
14 --------- 185 ------ 27 ------ 98
21 ---------- 81 ------ 18 ------ 58
10 ---------- 13 ------- 7 ------ 13
Total ------ 303 ------ 62 ----- 188
Score: 207,000
1 Mult = 1.3 Q's

Things started out slow. 40 Meters was poor, 20 was also poor. I only made 15 contact in the first hour and decided to give up for the evening. I came back to 40 at 04 UTC and made four more QSOs and turned in for the night. When I started the next morning 15 meters was open south. 20 meters was still poor and had not opened yet. I made a decision to just put multipliers in the log the first day to try and maximize my scores. So I worked 20, 15 and a couple of 10 meter contacts finding just the multis and putting them in log. Sunday I worked both multis and regular contacts to try and build my count and score. I managed to work a few good pileups including a station in Ethiopia on 20 which is one of the few left that I've never worked on 20. The manager is a good county hunting friend so I'm sure I'll get a QSL for that one. I think that was my only good band need though there were some good picks about, Ethiopia, Malawi, Palestine, Burkina Faso, (I still like the old name Upper Volta), Reunion Island, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe, Ducie Island, (yes they were giving out zone reports), and I managed to work them some on multiple bands. Total unique countries worked were 104. One other thing I did was take the spare MFJ voice keyer and and program the memories for this contest including an N1API Macro and a 59 Zero Five macro. Saved a lot of voice especially in the tough ET3 pileup.

Hope you all got some seat time. Please send your log in for Meriden ARC, we need 3 logs to show for a club mention.


Al - N1API

Well Al you're a Trooper. If MARC wants to be a real Contesting Group, I'd gladly turn my score in with MARC as the benefactor. Until we can organize a group of Contestors that regularly operate, my score will go to YCCC.

Still it was nice to be back on the air. Only 2 hours BIC, score below. Heard many JA's, HI's and managed to make EU, CA, AK, Asia & Western Russia/Ukraine, CA/SA but zero AF. Caribbean was an easy shot.

Guess the Windom works ok, found that it works better on the lower end of the SSB segments - nice for me esp. when I figure out CW!! The previous Windom didn't do so well on the lower end of the bands. Typical or maybe I should say familiar landing zones.

Looking to get the TL922a operational next. I heard many but some of those could not hear me.

CQWWSSB Summary Sheet

Start Date : 2018-10-27

CallSign Used : K1RCT
Operator(s) : K1RCT

Operator Category : SINGLE-OP
Assisted Category : ASSISTED
Band : ALL
Power : LOW
Mode : SSB
Default Exchange : 5
Gridsquare : FN31ON

Name : Rob Cichon
Address : 175 Converse Avenue
City/State/Zip : Meriden CT 06450

ARRL Section : CT
Club/Team : Yankee Clipper Contest Club
Software : N1MM Logger+ 1.0.7300.0

Band QSOs Pts ZN Cty Pt/Q
3.5 5 10 2 2 2.0
7 16 42 8 10 2.6
14 30 76 9 20 2.5
21 3 9 2 3 3.0
28 2 6 1 1 3.0
Total 56 143 22 36 2.6

Score : 8,294
K1RCT - Rob
W1NRG Station Activities Manager
Home Email


We have some who contest for their DXCCs or awards but don't turn in a log or log to paper, every log helps even if it's only a few hundred points. It also gets your bureau cards going. Most contest groups sill accept a paper log if you send in a dupe sheet with it. Some also will let you write your log directly to the robots for submission.

Glad to you got the windom work working, the amp should help get you heard, especially on the low bands. Tough job getting wires and amps configured and trying to keep the RF out of the shack.

-73- Al
Yeah true words Al. With the previous Windom I had RF in the shack on 40M especially with the desk mic. NOW I think some ferrites on the USB connections will work. I noticed during CQWWSSB that on 20M, I would space-bar the Contact into N1MM+ prior to making contact. When I transmitted, the Exchange Fields would clear, the frequency display would clear and after transmit, I'd have to space-bar again after contact. A minor adjustment that I'd like to resolve.

This antenna I made myself using formula and two direct measurements. I like that it resonates better on the lower end. And 80M seems to load up better too. The CQ WW RTTY will be a great test of the antenna though, higher or maybe tighter duty cycle will be the 'tell of the tale'.

My TL922a repairs are mostly finished including new tubes except for a few final connections. I was going to go thru with a few mods but after reflection, I will press it into service as is. Some testing will now ensue after a final review of my work. If I get +1KW output, I won't question what's wrong until I get to the CQ WW RTTY or maybe the WPX.
Looking forward to the Winter Contest Season.

Ciao Brother!
K1RCT - Rob
W1NRG Station Activities Manager
Home Email


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