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My New Radio Fixed My N1MM Audio Problem

A long time ago in a galaxy far away I tried to N1MM to use it's voice keyer feature to send contest messages. I recorded a couple of messages but never got them to send on the air.

Fast forward to Monday. I was checking out another issue with the radio computer and decided to boot up the XP side of the computer for my centuries old FIDO mail program which only runs in an XP environment. When I did XP said that it "found new hardware" and was installing it. Well, much to my surprise the radio was on and that was the hardware that XP found, (WHO says XP is obsolete?). It started to BROADCAST my windows sounds on 20 meters! (I have heard these before but never knew how they got on now I know). After checking the setup the computer set the devices to my RIGblaster Advantage and the the radio comport to whatever port the radio was connected to in XP, (it is different than the port in Windows 7).

So after doing my mail thing in XP I went back to Window 7. Remembering what XP did I set my computer speakers and playback device to the RIGblaster. Sure enough my windows 7 sounds were being broadcast on the air. (Did this on 10 meters with the power all the way down, lowest it goes is 10 watts). Next I checked N1MM and it also had a setting to direct the audio to the RIGblaster. Bingo, my N1MM messages were being broadcast. One tip I found, opening the mixer I can mute the system sounds which I don't need on that computer so they don't get broadcast over the air. (Guess all those other people who's computer is broadcasting their sounds can do the same.)

So that's how my new radio fixed my computer. Maybe I can get it to do laundry and cook too?


Al - N1API

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