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K1EIC Newsletter
Here is the latest Newsletter from Section Manager K1EIC

Harold Kramer WJ1B was on WNPR’s "Where We Live" program. It is hosted
by his former colleague at WNPR, John Dankosky. Harold Kramer was
interviewed by John about his role at the Boston Marathon. Great
interview Harold.

Help is needed for the Centennial Convention. This comes from
Emergency Preparedness Manager Mike KI1U: “We're in need of
volunteers for the centennial convention. Specifically I'm in need of
volunteers to assist with parking at HQ and communications.

The parking volunteers will need to be able to safely park vehicles and
capable of working for a 4 hour shift in whatever weather July may throw
at us. An Amateur Radio license is not needed for these volunteer

The communications volunteers will need to meet a few more
qualifications. They must have a license and plenty of on air
experience, familiar with local geography, good people skills, SKYWARN
trained, familiar with APRS, and familiar with a wide range of
communications i.e. phone, radio, cellular, text messaging, social
media, etc.

Anyone who is accepted as a volunteer will receive free admission to
the convention (lunch, banquet, and breakfast not included). If anyone
is interested they can email me for details.” Email”

Barb K1EIR and I enjoyed our visit to the North Carolina State
Convention Easter weekend. We met traffic handlers we’ve worked with
on Eastern Area Net for years as well as ARRL president Kay Craigie
N3KN, Norm W3IZ from ARRL and leadership officials in the Section. My
nephew who is not licensed met friends from Civil Air Patrol—it was a
good show!

Here are some notes from our SEC Wayne, N1CLV: The 11th AngelRide will
be held on Memorial Day Weekend, Saturday, 24 May and Sunday, 25 May
2014. This will be the seventh year that Amateur Radio has assisted
with this immensely successful charity bicycle ride that benefits
children with serious diseases (cancer, leukemia, etc.). Last year the
ride raised over $750K for the kids!

The Saturday ride starts in Norfolk at the Yale School of Music and
goes east 85 miles to Ashford through CT ARES Regions 5, 3, and 4. The
riders stay overnight at Paul Newman's Hole in the Wall Gang Camp. The
Sunday ride starts in Ashford and goes south 50 miles to Mystic, all in
Region 4. Amateur Radio operators will deploy along the course to assist
with event logistics and to enhance rider safety.

If you can help this year, please send an email to me at
indicating which day(s) you are available - thanks!

Also, for insurance and accountability purposes, you need to register
at the AngelRide Volunteer website. Please follow this link and sign up
for ARES on Saturday and/or Sunday:

While volunteers are encouraged to also fundraise for the event, this
is NOT a requirement. But you will still need to, to create a CrowdRise
account for tracking purposes.

Thanks for your support!!

DESPP Sponsored Auxiliary Communications Workshop, May 3-4 at the CT
Fire Academy
This class is designed for those auxiliary emergency communicators and
groups who volunteer to provide backup emergency radio communications
support to public safety agencies. Typically this includes amateur
radio and Radio Emergency Associated Communications Team (REACT)
communicators, but may include other volunteer emergency
Volunteer emergency communications operators/groups, using amateur
radio, have been providing backup communications to public safety for
nearly 100 years. Event planners, public safety officials, and
emergency managers at all levels of government utilize their services.
Often, amateur radio services have been used when other forms of
communications have failed or have been disrupted. Today nearly all the
States/Territories have incorporated some level of participation by
amateur radio auxiliary communication operators into their Tactical
Interoperable Communications Plans (TICPs) and Statewide Communications
Interoperability Plans (SCIPs).
This course focuses on auxiliary communications interoperability, the
relationship between the COML and the volunteer, emergency operations
center (EOC) etiquette, on-the-air etiquette, FCC rules and
regulations, auxiliary communications training and planning, and
emergency communications deployment. It is intended to supplement and
standardize an operator’s experience and knowledge of emergency
amateur radio communications in a public safety context. If you are
interested, contact Wayne for prerequisites and
application for attendance.

DEC Region 5 Mike W8ZY reports the following. A digital workshop in
Region 5 was held on Saturday the 19th at the main firehouse in
Watertown CT. Our hos was James, W1GTW. Approximately 20 operators
including instructors attended. The objective of the class was to
introduce and demonstrate RMS Express and cover the W1SP network and
how they can be used in an ARES deployment. The class lasted a total of
5 hours and broke up around 2 PM with the last folks leaving. A special
thanks to the Watertown Fire Department for allowing us to use the
training room in the firehouse and to Douglas, WA1SFH and Bill, W1GTT
for sharing their expertise. Also thanks to Harlan, W1QH for bringing
his go box and demonstrating the setup as well as making the
installation thumb drives for the class.
The following operators attended: KO1F, K1DJW, KC1AEZ, KB1YNB, N1NRP,

Thanks to everyone who helped to make this a success and we look
forward to more trainings in Region 5.

Members of Region 5 ARES participated in training recently on the State
Tactical On-Scene Communications System (STOCS). EC Oscar KO1F reports
that about 20 ops completed a train-the-trainer class on STOCS. Tom
Romano - DEMHS Region 5 Training Coordinator conducted the class. The
following attended the class and are qualified on the STOCS boxes.

Oscar KO1F, Dana N1OFZ, Charles N1CME, Anthony KB1YNB, Deidre KC1BIJ,
Ron AB1RJ, Joe AB1DO, Ed KB1ROL, Gary N1GSA Al Russo KB1SOC, Thomas
WA8UNS, David K1DJW, Sam KC1BJA, Harlan W1QH, Mark WA2IZQ Gregory
KB1YHW, Sander W1SOP, Sean KO1BKB, John W1JMA, Dick N1RNA.

The spring luncheon and annual meeting of QCWA chapter 149 will be on
May 10 at Tommy’s Restaurant, 825 Saybrook Rd., Middletown starting
at 11:30. When guest speaker newsman Aaron Elson went to a reunion of
his late father’s WWII Tank Battalion he didn’t expect to embark on
a 25-year oral history project. He will share some amazing stories he
has recorded in more than 600 hours with veterans, their wives, and
kin. Elson has authored several books, including "The Armored Fist," a
very human look at the men of the 712th Tank Battalion with which his
father served; and "A Mile in Their Shoes: Conversations With Veterans
of World War II." He also has produced a series of Oral History
Audiobooks in the veterans' own voices, and has helped several veterans
and a Holocaust survivor self-publish their memoirs. Elson currently is
an editor at the New Britain Herald, Bristol Press and the Newington
Town Crier. He blogs regularly about World War II at, and at

Mark your calendar for the Goshen Hamfest May 31 Goshen Fair Grounds
sponsored by The Southern Berkshire ARC.
June 21 is the date of the NARL hamfest and flea market St. Mary’s
School625 Willard Ave. (rt. 173). More details next month.

Don’t forget NEAR-Fest (New England Amateur Radio Fest) May 2
Deerfield Fair Grounds, Deerfield, NH. Thousands of ‘Hams’ gather
at Deerfield New Hampshire Fairgrounds 15th NEW ENGLAND AMATEUR RADIO
FESTIVAL “NEAR-Fest” LARGEST Gathering of Radio Hams in Northeast
USA Friday 9a May 2nd - Saturday 3p May 3d
2014 CONTACT: Warren Elly
W1GUD 813-924-6096 ; Near-Fest Web

Spring is here and time for fixing antennas. An introduction to the
Modeling of Antennas using EZNEC will be presented at the meeting of
the Greater Fairfield ARA Wednesday, May 7th, 8:00PM, Fairfield Fire
Training Center, One Rod Road, Fairfield.

While an antenna analyzer can tell you a lot about the equivalent
circuit parameters of an antenna, it doesn't give a clue about what the
antenna actually does. Antenna modeling software can predict not only
the same circuit parameters, but also predict the radiation performance
of an antenna - BEFORE YOU BUILD IT!

IN this session, Joel Hallas, W1ZR, will introduce the popular EZNEC
antenna modeling software and demonstrate how to use it. While there
will be on-screen demonstrations, you are encouraged to also load the
software (a no cost demo version is available at, or on the CD-ROM that comes with "The ARRL
Antenna Book") onto your laptop or tablet and bring it to the session
to follow along live. You will then be able to actually input data and
run the program to see results on your screen as the discussion

If you want to read ahead, there is a 'quickstart' discussion offered
as Appendix A in "Basic Antennas", and the ARRL handbook by Joel
Hallas. The HELP screens in EZNEC can also provide some information.
Still, no preparation is needed, and you will gain important insights
even if you don't have the software on your PC.

By the end of the session, you will be able to setup and run models of
one and two element antenna arrays, look at SWR plots, azimuth and
elevation patterns and understand the important considerations in
modeling antennas.

The Section has a new ARRL affiliated club—CORS—t Charter Oak Radio
Society with club president Mike N1QLN. This club offers classes for
both entry and higher-level licenses as well as VE sessions. Check out
their web site Contact president N1QLN email Congratulations and welcome aboard!

The Chippens’ Repeater/Bristol Radio Club had as their guest Dan
Burbank K1BXC talk about the space program. His son Dan, Jr., We will
have a unique presentation on tap for the evening and our guest will be
Dan Burbank (K1BXC), whose son, Dan Jr., is presently a NASA astronaut.
He has a long history with the space program and has piloted the Space
Shuttle, commanded the International Space Station and much, more. Most
recently, he was the lead in the pump repairs to the ISS and has
extensive experience with space walks.

The Middlesex Amateur Radio Society runs CW classes each Tuesday night
at 6:00 PM at the Portland Senior Center, 7 Waverly Avenue. Here’s
your chance to learn a new skill.

Greg KB1YHW, president of the Northville ARA thanks everyone involved
for their help with the re-installation of the New Milford 2 meter
repeater. We’re all glad to see it back on the air!

Members of the Stamford ARA built ladder-line antennas at their April
meeting applying what they learned at their previous meeting.

Chip N1MIE gave a presentation to the SCRAMS club on “Raspberry Pi”
at their April meeting. The club is planning to set up a ham station in
June during Museum Ships Weekend June 6-8.
EC Roger K1PAI reported that there were 88 attendees at the recent Sky
Warn Class at Channel 3 in Rocky Hill. Well done—your training will
sure be useful with all the weather changes we’ve been having

EC Roger NG1R sent a list of upcoming Sky Warn training sessions.
Unless otherwise indicated, pre-registration is not required.
Tuesday April 29th, 2014: 630-930 PM Goff Jr. High School, 974 Newport
Avenue., Pawtucket, RI Taught by NWS Taunton Forecaster.

Thursday, May 1 7:00 p.m. Western CT State University Danbury, Science
Bldg room 125; NWS Upton forecaster.

Thursday May 15th 7-10 PM Burrillville Police Dept., 1477 Victory
Highway, Oakland, RI; NWS Upton forecaster.

Tuesday, May 20 7-10 PM Northeast District Dept of Health (NDDH), 69
South Main Street, Unit 4, Brooklyn, CT NWS Taunton Forecaster;
Registration: Required - RSVP via email:

Thursday, May 22 7-10 PM, Hilton Senior Center, 43 Lafayette Rd.,
Salisbury, MA; NWS Taunton Forecaster.

Thursday, May 22 7-10 PM, Tiverton Emergency Operations Center, 85 Main
Rd., Tiverton, RI taught by Amateur Radio Coordinator; Pre-registration
required RSVP via email to Rob KD1CY and Bill KB1SDM

Thursday, May 29 7-10 PM East Longmeadow High School Auditorium, 180
Maple St., East Longmeadow, MA; NWS Taunton.

For a list of upcoming license exam sessions, see

ARRL Connecticut Section
Section Manager: Betsey M Doane, K1EIC

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