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My Little DX Experience This Afternoon
After I got home from the club this afternoon (6/29) I got on 6 meter digital and saw that it was open to Scotland.  I gave the station and called and he came back and logged me.  After I worked him I checked his QRZ information and saw that he was in Campbeltown, Scotland, a place I have been to in my Navy years.  I sent him the email below.


Great to work you on 6 meter FT8, (a new 6 meter country for me).

I have been to Campbeltown, Scotland!  In 1969 my ship the USS Waccamaw used Campbeltown as their fueling port.   We were a Oiler and we refuled other ships of the fleet.  We filled our tanks at Campbeltown and had a chance to visit your town, do a little exploring and had breakfast at one of the Hotels on a Sunday Morning, I believe the name of the hotel was the Argyle but not to sure about that.  But I did enjoy Campbeltown, the people were very friendly.  The town fathers were especially welcoming.  I have fond memories.

-73-  Al - N1API

I got a quick reply:

Hi Al and thanks for the qso on FT8 tonight, it was a bit mad for a while as I was hearing CA, MT,WA and I think I saw ID in there as well. So pretty much saw  every part of the US tonight at some point. The NATO fuelling port is still there to this day as is the Argyll Hotel where you had breakfast all these years ago. Great to hear from you, especially when you've been here to our rather remote little town. Hope to hear you on 6m soon again.


The best part of ham radio is when you can make a connection with some you know or someplace you have been!

Al - N1API
Nice contact.  Nice reply.
Jim N1ZN

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