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An introduction to the Modeling of Antennas using EZNEC
An introduction to the Modeling of Antennas using EZNEC

Sponsored by The Greater Fairfield Amateur Radio Association

Meeting Details
Wednesday, May 7th, 8:00PM
Fairfield Fire Training Center, One Rod Road, Fairfield, Connecticut

While an antenna analyzer can tell you a lot about the equivalent circuit parameters of an antenna, it doesn't give a clue about what the antenna actually does. Antenna modeling software can predict not only the same circuit parameters, but also predict the radiation performance of an antenna - BEFORE YOU BUILD IT!

IN this session, Joel Hallas, W1ZR, will introduce the popular EZNEC antenna modeling software and demonstrate how to use it. While there will be on-screen demonstrations, you are encouraged to also load the software (a no cost demo version is available at, or on the CD-ROM that comes with "The ARRL Antenna Book") onto your laptop or tablet and bring it to the session to follow along live. You will then be able to actually input data and run the program to see results on your screen as the discussion unfolds.

If you want to read ahead, there is a 'quickstart' discussion offered as Appendix A in "Basic Antennas", an ARRL handbook by Joel Hallas. The HELP screens in EZNEC can also provide some information. Still, no preparation is needed, and you will gain important insights even if you don't have the software on your PC.

By the end of the session, you will be able to setup and run models of one and two element antenna arrays, look at SWR plots, azimuth and elevation patterns and understand the important considerations in modeling antennas.

73, Joe Hamm KC1BAQ

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