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X.25 Packet Network via Telnet/SSH BBS
Apparently it's still alive. I came across a local telnet BBS built by a Ham - Brian Rogers N1URO. The BBS is connected to a packet node that's linked to the world:

AX25 Links:
Call      Alias     Description
--------- --------- -----------
N1URO-1   UVFLEX    N1URO FlexNet Hub
N1URO-13  DB        N1URO MySQL DB
F3KT-10   3KTNET    F3KT in France
SP2L-8    2LNOD     SP2L in Poland
WA1ARC-7  REDCRS    Red Cross HQ
W1SP-9    AVON      CT State Police TheNet system
K1YON-1   YON       K1YON URONode
K1YON-2   EHTLD     NE Flex
K1CRC-7   ICRC07    ICRC07
K1HEJ-7   NBCT      K1HEJ Node
W1EDH     FXEDH     W1EDH Flex

To get to his BBS, telnet to port 2300 (after you create a login you can ssh to it on port 2200). If you need a client, there's info here.

(For the uninitiated - nostalgic hobbyists like me have resurrected the 80s/90s landline BBS phenomenon by making them accessible online.)

It's been a long time since I played with packet, and I barely remember how to use it, but I'm looking forward to getting back into it.
MARC has quite a history with the original AX-25 Packet radio system.   We ran W1NRG-4 BBS which was a Packet Radio MSYS BBS on 2 meters for several years.   

It had a couple nodes and provided a link that established packet radio text messaging from Florida to Maine.  

The BBS had an on the air chat room with three transmitters running 1200, and 2400 baud TNCs and had 9600 Bd capability.  Traffic was relayed via nodes up and down via our BBS's nodes with TNCs and their radios on 220 Mhz.  We had a Southern Link to a Norwalk BBS's node and a Northern link to a Northern BBS's node with two 30 watt radios and amplifiers. 

The main 2 meter transmitter's antenna was an array of four dipoles off-set on a 30 foot tower on the roof of the old Wallingford EOC (that was recently demolished)   

It was outfitted with APRS.  It actually had a "buy and sell area" and a extensive library where you could type in (for example) G5RV and get a listing of hundreds of articles by publication for that subject.   

It was the source and example for much of the information regarding packet radio bulletin boards in the ARRL's publication "Your Packet Companion".   In Chapter 4, you can read all about the Meriden Amateur Radio Packet BBS and see a picture of the original set up.  

 Thanks for bringing up some pretty old memories.    I think this spring I'll resurrect my own old AX-25 packet radio and see if anyone is still around ?    I remember enjoying the "predecessor" of telephone "voice mail" which was of course our packet radio personal BBSs.   I had a tnc, 2m radio running 24/7 with a gel cell battery  power backup.   Was fun coming home from work and seeing the TNC "mail" light blinking and then reading  and answering the mail.    Packet radio didn't need phone lines,  internet or commercial power ... always there, always worked.  <grin>  

As far as telecom and such I remember the days of 100 and 300 baud land line modems (rubber cupped things) where you could lay your wired telephone hand set to audibly get the data transferred.   It was a banner day when I got my first 1200 baud modem and later I though I died and went to heaven with a new 56K US Robotics modem.   

[Image: f70d00947429fd3049d84cd2d48e550b-320-80.jpg]
Rich - WA1TRY 
Brian did a lot with Packet and also Fido the original BBS Network by phone, (which I still participate in).  Brian I believe was a BOSS Node. and had a few people point off him.   Unfortunately Brian who had just rejoined MARC about a year ago, passed away in January of this year. 

Al - N1API
Here is a scan from the ARRL's "Your Packet Companion" (1992)  

Rich - WA1TRY 

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