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Example training video
At the last business meeting I discussed a video that K1RCT and I did for field day 2017 when MARC first got the FT-991A.  Not everyone was familiar with the confusing menu system of Yaesu radios, so we thought having a short video explaining how to fundamentally operate the radio would help members of the club.  That video has seen over 20k views, so that somewhat proves that training videos are useful and are viewed by hams and worth the time to help out our fellow hams.

I have made many instructional videos during my career as a semiconductor application engineer and that has spilled over into this hobby.  In the past made videos how to use the Kenwood TS-2000, how to operate JT-Alert when running FT8 mode, and a few instructional videos on the Icom 7610.

You can search my library of videos on YouTube, my name is Rotormansa and while some of the videos are not ham radio related a majority of them are.  This is the link to a 12 minute video on the IC-7610 and operating SSB, CW, FT8, RTTY and PSK modes.  While this is specific to the 7610, it can be used as a guide for the 7k series of Icom radios; IC7610 operation

MARC is trying to expand a bit on Elmering, hopefully videos like this help our membership.  


73, Steve - KC1SA

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