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W1N 75th anniv special event station
The MARC 75th anniversary special event station ‘W1N’ will be active from October 1st, 2022.

There will be a W1N operating schedule maintained online that will allow members to sign up for either the operation of the club station at the O.E.M., or for operation of W1N using their own home station.
Members can look up and book a slot on the operating schedule which will be hosted via google docs. Slots for operating from W1NRG are captured by entering ‘W1NRG’ in the booking sign-up sheet. Please note the time-slot is in local time (not UTC).
Slots for operating from a home station are captured by entering the operator’s personal callsign in the sign-up sheet. This prevents having more than one W1N on the air at the same time using the same mode and band.  Please note the time-slot is in local time (not UTC).
The W1N Operation schedule is at: 
There is also  a “tally” sheet for recording a summary of all QSOs for an operator that has operated a W1N station (either from home or at the O.E.M.)
The tally/log sheet is at:

Put your summary data in the tally sheet each time you complete operation for the day.  Logs will be collected after October 15th.

Please also keep the following information in your personal log:
•    the time & date (in UTC please)
•    the band (frequency if you want, but not needed)
•    the mode
•    signal report (59 sent, 59 received) but this isn't a requirement either.
•    other person's call sign
•    any important comments

The log can be in electronic format (using a logging program)  or in a neat hand-written format.

If operating W1N, please note you operate with your own license privileges.  If you're a Tech, then only Tech bands and modes, etc.
If you operate at the club-house, it is possible that a control operator with higher privileges may be available to supervise you.
Members are encouraged to review the schedules and hopefully to sign up for an operating slot.
The club will be producing a fine certificate template that can be filled in and printed out by those that complete a QSO with a W1N station – it will serve as a memento of the event that can be printed and displayed. 
Every verified contact will be awarded this diploma/certificate and the callsign owner will be sent an email link to the certificate, which they will then be able to fill out and print.
There will be a QRZ page for the W1N event that will give full details for any amateurs wishing to make a contact.  The QRZ page should reflect our information at least for the duration of the event.
A suggested script for operators to incorporate into their contacts:
"Thank you for answering our call. The Meriden Amateur Radio Club is a highly active radio club with a wide variety of ham radio activities.  Check out the W1N QRZ page for links to our club website and how to get a certificate helping us celebrate 75 years of being on the air"
Grateful acknowledgements to:
Roc Cichon, John Elengo  – W1N operating schedules
James Surprenant – W1N certificate layout & design
Steve Allen – QRZ site setup & maintenance for W1N event

**Oct 1st edit:   add details about logging & UTC vs local time

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