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CQ WWW SSB Contest Scores - Post Your Results And Stories Here

Here are my results for the weekend. A few stories to tell also. The stories follow the results which turned out good despite two X-Class Flares during the contest, one Saturday afternoon, and the other Sunday morning.

CLUB: Meriden ARC
CREATED-BY: N1MM Logger V14.9.0

Band Breakdown

Band QSOs ZN Cty
14 ------ 239 --- 31 ---- 97
21 ------ 316 --- 27 ---- 98
28 ------ 467 --- 28 --- 110
Totals - 1022 --- 86 --- 305
Score 1,148,367

Obviously anyone who turned a radio on this weekend could see that the bands were HOT!

The large sunspot group, about the size of the planet Jupiter was active all weekend, producing multiple C, M and two X Class flares this weekend, in fact the flux all weekend long never dropped below the Mid C value.

Saturday afternoon it produced an X-Class flare which did not seem to affect 10 meters, slightly affected 15 but for some reason caused weird one way conditions on 20 meters. 20 over Europeans could not hear me calling them. 20 meters was useless to the East for most of the afternoon.

Saturday early morning about 1:30 or 2 AM I got on 20 meters. Most of the stations had moved to 40 and 75 but not having antennas for those bands I decided to see what I could work on 20 meters. There were a few Canadians coming in from the North. From the South the usual Central and South Americans. I was hearing some Europeans, multis that I needed, but when I turned my beam to the North East the signals faded. But when I turned the beam South I could hear them. I've seen this happen before. A skewed path to Europe on 20 meters overnight going over the South Pole, they had a hard time hearing me and I think the path works best to the "big guns" but it does work. So that was very early Sunday morning, I hit the rack close to 3 AM.

So... now I'm up about 6:45 to get ready to hit it for the day. Usually I sit with the paper and check the bands out to see what's coming in. I looked at the D Layer Map and we just had another X Class Flare. And this flare held close to X Class for almost an hour. Maybe that is why what happened next happened.

Sunday is usually a "pick up" day for me. I like to run the bands and grab the multipliers that I've missed Saturday. I knew that I wanted to work on 20 meters first thing as it's usually not very good during the day but in the morning there is some nice stuff coming in. I figured 20, 15 and then 10. I spent most of the day Saturday on 10 so I needed to catch up on 20 and 15. Usually 20 is good the North. I've got to post part of my log to continue.

QSO: 14157 PH 2014-10-26 1123 N1API 59 5 JA3YBK 59 25
QSO: 14170 PH 2014-10-26 1124 N1API 59 5 VP9I 59 05
QSO: 14177 PH 2014-10-26 1125 N1API 59 5 B4L 59 24
QSO: 14180 PH 2014-10-26 1133 N1API 59 5 VK6SMK 59 29
QSO: 14190 PH 2014-10-26 1141 N1API 59 5 E2X 59 26
QSO: 14200 PH 2014-10-26 1151 N1API 59 5 JA3USA 59 25
QSO: 14211 PH 2014-10-26 1154 N1API 59 5 YB1AR 59 28
QSO: 14214 PH 2014-10-26 1155 N1API 59 5 VK2GGC 59 30
QSO: 14223 PH 2014-10-26 1158 N1API 59 5 BA4TB 59 24
QSO: 14230 PH 2014-10-26 1201 N1API 59 5 PJ2T 59 09
QSO: 14232 PH 2014-10-26 1202 N1API 59 5 RK0UT 59 18
QSO: 14272 PH 2014-10-26 1210 N1API 59 5 GI0KVQ 59 14
QSO: 14283 PH 2014-10-26 1214 N1API 59 5 VK9XSP 59 29
QSO: 14289 PH 2014-10-26 1216 N1API 59 5 LA5UF 59 14
QSO: 14291 PH 2014-10-26 1217 N1API 59 5 KH2L 59 27
QSO: 14318 PH 2014-10-26 1220 N1API 59 5 AH0BT 59 27
QSO: 14328 PH 2014-10-26 1221 N1API 59 5 VK9LM 59 30
QSO: 14169 PH 2014-10-26 1223 N1API 59 5 ZM1A 59 32
QSO: 14267 PH 2014-10-26 1227 N1API 59 5 RI1ANC 59 29
QSO: 14306 PH 2014-10-26 1230 N1API 59 5 VE2PIB 59 05
QSO: 14314 PH 2014-10-26 1231 N1API 59 5 SP8K 59 15

Thinking Asia I turned the antenna North.

The first contact was Japan a double multiplier new country, new zone.
Next contact VP9I was Bermuda new country off the reverse of the StepIR
Next contact B4K was China another double multiplier.
Next Australia, double multiplier.
E2X is Thailand, double multiplier
Another JA, safety Contact.
Then comes YB1AR Indonesia double multiplier.
Then another Chinese station for a safety contact.
PJ2T was worked with the Step-IR in reverse and another new country.
RK0UT was a regular contact in Zone 18.
GI0KVQ was a new country.
VK8XSP Christmas Island, New Country
LA5UF, Norway new country, (told ya I was ignoring 15 and 20 these are common DX).
KH2L was Guam another double banger.
AH0BT Mariana Islands, new Country.
VK9LM Lord Howe Island, new country.
ZM1A a New Zealand station, he had a huge signal so I just had to work him for a regular contact.
RI1ANC Russian Antarctica, new country more about HIM later.
The last two were normal Europeans, Asia was starting to fade on me and the Big Guns were waking up.

So that was a NICE run and I can't remember when I've had such a good run of new Zones and Countries from Asia and Oceania on 20 meters. This run may be one of if not my best.

Now, RI1ANC in the Antarctica. The stations were starting to fade I was looking at the N1MM band map as saw RI1ANC and knew that I needed him. I was faced toward Europe getting ready and could hear the RI1, so move the beam South, he disappeared. So hit the reverse switch and the signal came up, I moved the beam north. His signal came up. There were a few other stations, most non US calling him so jumped in the pile and it didn't talk long to work him.

So what just happened? Remember how I was working EU with the beam South early Sunday morning? Well there was a skewed path to Antarctica that morning. I've never seen that. And think about it. I went up over the north pole, completely around the other side of the world and BACK around the bottom of the world to the Antarctica! How far was that contact? Maybe a new world record!

What a weekend!


Wow Al nice score.
My Tale Of Woe: I had to go play Band (as in Maloney High School Band Boosters) Saturday.
Not before I woke up and realized that 10M, 15M, 20M were wide open.
I seriously considered playing hookey from my Vocational Responsibilities Saturday!

About your skewed DX: Could it be that you were enjoying Long Path Propagation? Or maybe that's what you were saying all along.
Saturday & Sunday, If I could hear him, I worked him (with two exceptions) even with QRM and a wire antenna. And Boy-O-Boy was there a LOT of QRM!! I used those Kenwood Filters, Notch and Sliding IF to the max!!

Made the VX stations a few times, Australia and Guam, some other Islands I never knew existed...
Then as Sunday wore on, started making multipliers.

I heard RI1ANC and the American Station at the South Pole too but with the wire, I couldn't reach him.

Only made 20000 points with my limited mic time but man, what a gas! I think I heard you too Al. At least once.

I hope Sweepstakes are similar. Taking time out for that one!
K1RCT - Rob
W1NRG Station Activities Manager
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