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W1/W6OI Active this weekend

I will activate W1/W6OI this weekend from my home QTH.

W6OI is the official station of the 10-10 International Organization. The 10-10 number is 109 and I will give that number out along with my own and also W1NRG's 29650. If you have not got your 10-10 number yet here's a good opportunity to get the first three numbers of the 10 you need to qualify.

Each year 10-10 puts W6OI on in all the call areas plus Alaska and Hawaii, Canada and Germany. They ask for volunteers from among the 10-10 members in each call area, Alaska and Hawaii. There should be good number active this weekend and if you can work all 10 districts you will get a certificate.

More information is available on the 10-10 web page at:
Scroll down and click on the link for the PDF for the W6OI special event information.

This is the first year that I have done this event as it usually conflicts with the CQ WW CW Contest but this year it does not.

Hope to work some of the club members this weekend. I'll be concentrating especially on the Saturday and Sunday 10-10 Chapter nets for the Hanse and Neanderthal Chapters which meet on 28.355 at 1400 UTC on Saturday and 1500 UTC on Sunday.


Al - N1API
Well Al, I'll tell you... during the first few months I was active on HF, I was not impressed with the Propagation on 10M. In the last 2 months or so, Propagation has changed my mind abt 10M. I can be a fun and productive band!

I'm liking this band more and more. I'll be trying to work 10-10 Stations this weekend. Maybe enough to be able to put in an Application.
K1RCT - Rob
W1NRG Station Activities Manager
Home Email

Hey Al, have you ever activated the Castle Craig chapter of 10-10 from Castle Craig? That could be a fun event in warmer weather.


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