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EP6T - Iran DXpedition is active

A multi-national team of operators is active from Kish Island in Iran. They will be active from the 17th of January to the 26th of January. They are running at least three stations and will be active on 10 through 160 SSB, CW and RTTY. They had a great signal on 17 RTTY Today, (Monday), but seemed to be concentrating on Europe. They had a tremendous signal on 12 CW up until about 9 AM when they started to fade. Fortunately, I snagged them on 12 CW just as they were starting to drop. But they were working NA only for at least three hours. They are also spotted on 10 Meters work NA only and 20 SSB, they seem to be working NA there also.

This is a great group of excellent operations who have given us a number of countries including The Congo, and Burundi.

QSL is via OQRS or direct. They do have an online log and seem to be uploading to it. Check out their home page at:



Al - N1API
Good going, Al! I haven't even heard them strong enough to copy on CW.
(01-22-2015, 05:44 PM)K1SEZ Wrote: Good going, Al! I haven't even heard them strong enough to copy on CW.

Best bet is to look at 10 through 17 meters early in the morning. I would say 7 AM on. That seems to be their best signals into NA. And they do work NA only during those times, (much to the chagrin of the Europeans).


From the EP6T Team:

The last QSO was logged @03h08 on 40m today. A total of 68098 QSO's are logged. The log has been fully uploaded to clublog. It was a moving 9 days of operation. We all thank you for making a QSO with us, and sharing the excitment. We are now packing all gear.


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