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K1N Navassa Island Is Active - Update Tuesday PM

The K1N Team is now active with at at least two stations on the air. They are spotted on 10 and 20 meters today, (Monday 2 Feb).

In an effort to maximize QSOs for those need Navassa they ask that you only work the station on the bands that you need them and only the modes that you need them for all bands. IE if you work them on 15 RTTY please don't work them on 15 SSB and CW. To keep the temptation to work all bands and modes they are not using a leaderboard but do have online lookup to see if you are in their log.

They are limiting their operation to certain modes on certain bands. Also they are not publishing a list of frequencies that they will populate. This also being done to limit malicious interference. Check their web site at: for further information.

Ending date for this operation is not stated on the web page. I expect eight or nine days and it will probably be announced later.

Check back later for any updates to this post.


Monday Afternoon Update:

The operators are saying that they only have three stations up, no networking yet and are using the antennas off the lighthouse. As of now they are more of a "holiday style" of operating chatting somewhat with stations they know as they work them and giving information out about their setup. Yet they are putting them in the log, mostly US stations but pick up the occasional EU and SA station, so I suspect they are using a vertical for now. The whole team is not yet on the island but is expected to be by the end of the day where they will complete the final setup to be able to get going full blast. Still - their 15 meter SSB signal is quite good despite the usual detractors, QRMers and DX policemen trying to direct traffic. Their split is large 10 to 20 up and they don't seem to be listening below 10 up at least for now. Watch for "pirate" operations there is a 17 meter K1N calling who is not real.

Tuesday Afternoon Update

All team members are now on the island along with most of their equipment. They are now putting up beams. Their signal on 18 meters this morning was 59 + on a dipole they're probably going to pin our S meters when the get their beams up. They report that it's 116 degrees, they should send about 40 of those degrees here.

-:- END -:-

K1N Navassa Island is QRT.

Hope YOU were one of the Deserving!

Al - N1API
I got 3 bands, 30, 20 17 on CW.
Was a Zoo on phone (cw also) but after a while, they came around to my calling freq.
Worked them on 10 meters late Saturday afternoon. Didn't expect to be able to get through but I must have been calling in a quiet spot and he heard me. Also worked them on 20 meters the week before.
100 watts on both.
Jim N1ZN
To all:
My K1N tally:
SSB 10-15-17-20-40-80
CW 12-20-30-40-80-160

The only qso I care about is 160 CW (I worked them 3 times before their log got straightened out)

I have worked 110 countries on 160 but only have 97 confirmed and I want my 160 DXCC before I move to W4 land.

The easy ones on top band have dried up and to work a new one in the Caribbean is a plus.

Radio Ansonia

I'm finished with this one. Worked him where I needed him 12, 15 and 17 plus 20 meter RTTY. I had this one from the previous operation on 10, 20 40 and 80 and CW. Also worked him on 10 meters but I was trying to get a 10-10 number from them. Even though I worked one of the 10-10 members he refused to give me a number when I asked with a strong NEGATIVE.

Next major DXpedition Heard Island at the end of this year. This one will be another biggie and is scheduled to be a three week operation. It will be two months getting there, three weeks there and two months getting back.

They are still looking for team members, anyone care to go to one of the most inhospitable places on Earth?


I'm a little disappointed in the OQRS, (Online QSL Request System), in Club Log for Navassa. They are asking $6.00 for the first QSL, subsequent QSLs are free though.

I think that $6.00 is unreasonable for the US stations. $2.00 is normal and if you want to be "bold" then you ask $3.00. Three dollars would be the starting price for DX stations. I know that this DXpedition was expensive and I am not sure if the high QSL price is to try and recoup expenses from those who may not QSL and just wait for LBOTW or what the reason was. But if you ask for a QSL you are given the chance to add a optional donation so why the high starting price I don't know.

I think a lot of the stations will just opt out for the free direct bureau QSL and they may be shooting themselves in the foot asking for so much for the first QSL.

The TI9 seems to have the same thinking though they are saying $5.00 for the first card. They are "closer" to reality, $3.00 is more like it, $4.00 if you want to be "bold". PayPal will convent the asking price in to TI's currency and you will see more than the $5.00 but this is normal.

My advise if you don't want to spend the bucks is to get the free bureau QSL so you at least know that your log information is correct. You can show with your call in the online log, but if your times do not match you will not get a match in LBOTW if it is used, (TI9 does not mention on their webpage if the are going to use LBOTW). You will at least have the QSL and know that your times match.

You're complaining about $6 Al. Pay the $6 and consider the $3 "too much" (my description) a donation.

Navassa was an easy one for me even though I didn't have the wherewithall to work the pileup. I'll just wait them out another 7-12 years. I'd gladly pay the offset for the OQRS. Seems an easy way to go.

The SMOM has the same setup. Another easy one and the pileup was not as bad and yes, I understand why.
K1RCT - Rob
W1NRG Station Activities Manager
Home Email


Glen, W0GJ, The K1N Team Leader, published the story of the K1N DXpedition in the Twin Cities DX Association's March Newsletter.

You can download from their web page at:
The file is too large to post here.

Well done with lots of pictures. Also other club news.


Al - N1API

If you've worked K1N on Navassa Island and use Logbook Of The World you probably have a confirmation there. They have been uploading their expedition logs to LBOTW. Mine showed up when I checked my status this morning to see if I've picked anything new up from the DX contest this weekend. Nothing new from the contest yet but the K1N conformations and one new digital country, Azores.

Al - N1API

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