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ARES Simulated Emergnecy Test 2015 is Coming!
That's Right!
SET 2015 is just around the corner (Nov. 13-15), and we need YOU to come out and participate is this BIG EVENT.

All Amateurs are invited and encouraged to participate in this year's CT Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) Simulated Emergency Test (SET).
- You don't have to be a registered ARES Team member to take part in this event.

The Connecticut Section 2015 SET will be a statewide emergency communications exercise. It is intended to test our ability to provide communications for our Partner Agencies that include:
- Connecticut Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security (DEMHS),
- American Red Cross (ARC), and
- Local municipalities (e.g. EOCs, shelters).

ARES, ARES-SKYWARN and National Traffic System (NTS) play will occur over several operational periods during the weekend.

Good News:

a) If you have no experience, we will endevour to pair you up with a more seasoned ARES Team member.

b) This Drill includes not only voice operations on VHF/UHF/HF, but also Digital/Date communications (RMS Express and Classic Packet Radio).

Right now, we are conducting a quick Pre-Planning Survey for the upcoming Simulated Emergency Test (SET) 2015 to get an idea of the answers to the basic "5 Ws".

Would you please go to the link below and complete this short survey?
- Doing this will be a BIG help in preparing for this DRILL.

And, it would be most appreciated if you could get this done before Friday (Nov. 6th) - Tomorrow.


Thank you, so much!

The scenario has not been published yet (expected soon). However, in past years, it has taken the form of a Hurricane, a Winter Snow/Ice Storm, an Earthquake, Floods with Broken Dams.

Personally, I am betting on an ALIEN INVASION from OUTER SPACE this year. Big GrinSmileWink
- Stand-by to see what develops!

Please contact me with an specific questions or concerns.
Douglas Sharafanowich – WA1SFH
District Emergency Coordinator, Region 2
[Cell] 203-494-3885
WA1SFH"AT"optonline"DIT"net Cool

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