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FT4JA Juan De Nova Active

I've been keeping an eye on the FT4JA on RTTY all week long. It seems that the only band they seem to be working RTTY on is 15 meters and their signal is minimal to say the least. I would get four or five characters, usually their call up and that was it, Mostly would copy a prefix and sometime a complete call of who they were working. Hardly ever a full exchange. Though the signal was "there" in the early morning they peak usually around noon our time and drop out. They also have the (bad) habit of working RTTY for 1/2 hour or so, saying QRX then appearing down on 15 CW. When the signal looks like it's peaking I would throw my call in as I was doing this morning. They were on 21.100 and I was sitting on 21.120 and gave a couple of lines of N1API and hit the RX Button on MMTTY.

Sure enough it was my call on the screen, and to say I was shocked with them being what I would call a 3X3 signal is an understatement.

Al - N1API

The proof is in in the MMTTY Screen.

And I have managed to clean this one up on all the bands and modes that I needed. One I won't have to worry about again unless the unimaginable happens and I get a 30/40/75 meter antenna.

So as this is the last full day of operation the team is starting to take down the antennas to coincide with the high tide schedule. They have made 90,000 + contacts which is truly a big accomplishment. This should move them off the top 10 wanted on the DXCC list putting them possibly into the top 100 list. (What is the least needed country.. US of A of course!)

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